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The history of jewelry house Tiffany began in 1837, when 25-year-old Charles Lewis Tiffany (Charles Lewis Tiffany) and his former classmate John B. Young (John B. Young) moved from New England to New York to open a Tiffany store & Young. various jewelry, crystal products, high-quality porcelain and silver were presented in their store. Buyers can not be traded, knocking the price specified on the price tags to each product, and such sales policy was revolutionary for the time. The first day of sales of the store owners brought only $ 4.98, but that this figure begins with the financial history of Tiffany, whose incomes are today estimated at billions of dollars.

In the same in 1837 for the packaging of products has been created the original blue box close to the turquoise, shade, Tiffany used so far and is a registered trademark of Tiffany (Tiffany Blue Box®).

Gradually, a small shop at Broadway, 259 (Broadway, 259) got regular customers, among them New Yorkers and residents of nearby towns. In this regard, in 1845, Charles Tiffany decided to publish the first catalog, which offers a full range of products on display in the store Tiffany & Young. In fact, it was one of the first in American history, promotional catalogs, without which it can not do today, no self-respecting jeweler House.

Already in 1848 the newspaper of New York named Charles Tiffany's "King of Diamonds." And deservedly so. Tiffany & Young was famous for high quality diamonds used in the jewelry sold. Soon Tiffany jewelers begin to create their own products from diamonds and Tiffany becoming recognized worldwide authority in this area.

Also interesting is the fact that Tiffany became the first American company to use its products sterling silver 925/1000 standard. Later, it was this test was the US government cterlingovogo silver standard.

In 1853, Charles Tiffany was able to gain complete control over the company and renamed it to Tiffany & Co. The symbol of the new reference time for the company's steel watch - a large round dial with Roman numerals placed, according to the plan of Charles Tiffany, above the main entrance to the store. Dial, resting on the shoulders of the mythical hero Atlas, which the first figure was made famous carver

Tiffany products have enjoyed great popularity among the highest authority. The very first customer was the senior US President Abraham Lincoln ordered from Tiffany for his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln set of fine pearls and yellow gold, in which she appeared before the public at the inauguration ceremony in 1861. As is known, there is no greater good fortune for all Jewelry House, than the recognition of the first persons of the state. Throughout the Civil War, Tiffany supplied the army of northerners swords, flags and surgical instruments, and in 1862 the company produced on special order inlaid with precious stones swords for Admiral Farragut, Grant and Sherman's generals.

Tiffany also belongs credit for the modification of the US state seal in 1885: the design proposed by Tiffany, and today you can see on the back of the US one-dollar bill.

The worldwide recognition of Tiffany silver received in 1867, when the company became the first American Jewelry House, received the award ParisExposition Universelle (Paris World Exhibition) for the best silverware.

In 1871, Tiffany is the silverware Audubon to the public, an engraving decorated with Japanese motifs. This collection immediately becomes a great success and is still the best-selling collection of silverware under the Tiffany brand.

In 1878, Charles Tiffany acquired raw yellow diamond weighing 287.42 carats, was found in 1877 in the South African diamond mines, "Kimberly". To cut this magnificent stone, he drew Dr. George Frederick Kunz (Dr. GeorgeFrederickKunz), became the first company gemologist.

That he is credited with the creation of Tiffany Diamond (Diamond Tiffany) - one of the world's largest yellow diamonds weighing 128.51 carats. Cut diamond Tiffany was unique, because instead of the usual 58 it sparkles 90 faces, and inside it burns like fire. Today, Tiffany Diamond can admire the beauty of boutique companies on Fifth Avenue (Fifth Avenue) in New York.

In 1886, master Tiffany & Co. They represent a new design wedding ring, which produced a revolution in the jewelry world. Diamond was elevated above the surface of the ring, to achieve maximum light games. Now a similar version of the design is widespread, but it came up with jewelers Tiffany.

An important role in the formation of Tiffany & Co. He played the son of Charles Tiffany - Louis Comfort Tiffany (Louis Comfort Tiffany, 1848-1933). He was one of the greatest American artists and designers. Thanks to his talent Lewis Tiffany received international recognition for his work in stained glass.

It was he who first came up with the remnants of colored glass used to create the table lamps, which are now recognized as true works of art. For Tiffany Lewis created a fantastic jewelery - real works of art.

However, the artistic talent did not interfere Lewis Tiffany and be a successful businessman - in 1902 he established the division of Tiffany Art Jewerly (jewelry pieces and products of the enamel and the highly innovative design), the company's Tiffany Glass Company (glassware), TiffanyFurnaces, TiffanyStudios. Mark Twain were representatives dynasty Vanderbilt and many others, not less well-known people among his clients. Lewis Tiffany was the first artistic director of the company after his father's death in 1902.

In 1907, with the assistance of the chief gemologist Tiffany & Co. George Kunz measurement of weight in carats of diamonds becomes officially accepted worldwide, and in 1926 a standard defined for Tiffany platinum purity is the official US standard for purity platinum.

In 1940, Tiffany & Co headquarters. transferred to Broadway on Fifth Avenue. Design input headquarters and boutique located there is the same that was on Broadway.

In 1961, after the novel by Truman Capote removed the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's» (Breakfast at Tiffany's), in which the main role played by Audrey Hepburn (AudreyHepburn). The heroine Audrey - Holly Golightly - a fan of the philosophy and style of Tiffany. At the premiere of the film superstar and an icon of the century wore a simple black dress, a tiara and Tiffany necklace with diamond Tiffany (Tiffany Diamond).

Screen image and the photograph of the legendary actress, always a model of taste and a model to follow, went around the world, once again confirming all that Tiffany products - synonymous with the style, status and quality, originality, and a guarantee of perfection.

Tiffany has always attracted the cooperation of many well-known designers: first boutique Tiffany & Co. He opened his salon French designer Jean Schlumberger
in 1956, and his jewelry, inspired by natural motifs, immediately won the hearts of lovers, among whom were movie stars, and representatives of royal dynasties. In 1995 Museedes Arts Decoratifs (Louvre) made a retrospective of Schlumberger, called A Diamondinthe City (Jewel in the city).

In 1974, Tiffany & Co. started cooperation with Italian interior designer Elsa Peretti (Elsa Peretti). Its exclusive collection of jewelry and household furnishings line immediately became a sensation. Peretti is known for its commitment to the undulating, winding, streamlined forms. In 1996, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CouncilofFashionDesignersofAmerica) found Elsa Peretti designer of the year.

The latest to Tiffany joined the team in 1980, Paloma Picasso (PalomaPicasso). The daughter of a famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso has been recognized the world jewelry community for its line of jewelry and Paloma Picasso Paloma's Groove.

Today, Tiffany & Co. - A holding company, the parent company which is the Tiffany & Co., is engaged in retail sales of jewelry and other specialized products (in addition to the vast selection of jewelry,

constituting more than 82% of total sales, the holding produces watches, silver jewelry, porcelain and crystal, as well as stationery, perfumes and accessories). Through the activities of the parent company and its subsidiaries, holding company Tiffany & Co. participates in all stages of the commodity cycle: in the creation of design products in its manufacture and distribution.

Holding owns more than 150 monobrand boutiques and outlets in 17 countries. Total number of employees is more than 8,000 people.

Changing era, aesthetic ideals, styles - remains unchanged is that any object, which bears the stamp "Tiffany & Co.", whether ceremonial weapons, luxury vase, silver table, reading lamps frosted colored glass, strict Cup yacht club, compact traveler watches, children's dishes and exquisite women's jewelry, is a model of good taste and high quality.