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Longstanding tradition of the Austrians of Silhouette International Schmied AG to create their collections in the style of neo-conservatism, understood and accepted by the fashion world and has received a lot of fans all over the world in different age groups. Of course, to create a collection in the "ungrateful" style - not an easy task, because it requires infallible intuition of the designer on what things can be used, and what better to leave without regret.


As always, the fashion component of the charge of neoconservatism Silhouette Collection are the latest technological advances in the field of materials, enabling designers to smoothly implement the boldest ideas, consistent with the overall style of the selected collection. A young team of designers who breathed life in recent years, several petrified classic style Silhouette, continued research in the field of neoconservatism.


Gerhard Fuchs (Gerhard Fuchs), Sonia Serlenga (Sonia Searle), Bettina Leffler (Bettina Lefler) managed to find its proper place for collections of sunglasses and frames Silhouette in the vast sea of ​​the world the spectacle of fashion.